W.T.O Dispute Settlement Proceedings

At various stages in the international trade scenario, the businesses are faced with challenges from different parties with regard to international trade transactions. The disputes and their settlement is a key strategic event for every such business. These matters of international importance the WTO proceedings may be initiated which require experience and knowledge of the operations of the WTO agreements and operations.

How SBA can help?

  • Advice and represent the State and the industry interest in W.T.O dispute resolution consultations/panels.
  • Providing legal and policy advice to the State and domestic and foreign industries in respect of the implications of various W.T.O rules and agreements affecting trade, services and investments in domestic industries.
  • Advice on the steps required to be taken to minimize the impact and/or seeking remedial actions provided under the W.T.O agreements.
  • Act as Arbitrators in settling various international trade disputes.
  • Advise on the compatibility of the domestic laws vis-a-vis the W.T.O agreements.
  • Advise  on the Rules of Origin and any other international trade related aspects under the W.T.O Agreements.