Our Partners

Sunil Bhargava, SENIOR PARTNER

Sunil Bhargava is the founder partner and mentor of the organizations’ thought process, Currently, He  heads  pan India operations of the practice and is the leader of the International Trade Laws division. He is the inspiration behind the ideology and practice methodology and the spirit behind the innovative knowledge pool of the firm that regenerates through the continuous challenges of existing practices and solutions.

He has been in practice for more than 35 years. During his professional tenure he has held positions on the National Institute of Banking Management and the central council of the ICAI among other valued institutions. He is an expert on anti-dumping assessments and anti-dumping evaluations across the globe for over 3 decades having helped businesses in the EU and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Experience in Statutory Audit, Concurrent Audit, Management audit of Corporate, Banks & PSUs. Management Consultancy and Business Solution including Merger, Restructuring, Corporate Planning and Enterprise Business Valuation International Trade Laws, due diligence, manpower planning, and industrial escort services etc.

Mahak S Bhargava

Mrs. Mahak S Bhargava is a chartered accountant and finance professional with expertise in banking and financial services. She carries expertise in enterprise risk management and financial services from her previous stints in Deutsche Bank of India and Credit Suisse. She has managed global market risk assessments and portfolio risks for financial institutions during her stints at these banks. Her experience also included reporting as per international accounting and regulatory requirements for these financial institutions.

At SBA, she is responsible for  IFRS implementations, risk consulting and banking industry clients. Her portfolio includes manufacturing companies, service companies and banks (nationalized and private).

Harsha Ramnani, PARTNER

She started her professional career at SBA as an intern; she was inducted as a partner after qualification. Experience of over 5 years in Statutory, Concurrent, Stock and Internal & Management Audit of Corporate, Banks and PSUs, Management consultancy on Financial Due Diligence and Enterprises Risk Management, Development of Management information system etc.

Her expertise also includes Company law related compliances with extensive experience in the same field.
She is an expert in the approach and methodology of the firm and has grown from strength to strength in the field of assurance and management audit.

She has authored two technical guides; one is Technical Guide on how to perform an internal audit in textile industry which is published by Internal audit standard board of ICAI in Sept 12 and other is Technical Guide on Rajasthan VAT which is published by Indirect Tax committee of ICAI in Sept 14. She is active part of daily research update team working for newsletter of the firm and heads the research publication and newsletter publications of the firm.

SN Khandelwal, PARTNER
(FCA (ICAI), B.Com.)

Experience of over 22 years in Statutory Concurrent and Management Audit of Corporate, Banks and PSUs. He has vast experience in the field of taxation and assurance. He is instrumental in driving the technical matters in the firm. With his in-depth understanding and experience he has guided the firm.

Yogesh Agarwal, PARTNER
(FCA (ICAI), B.Com)

Mr. Agarwal started his career at S. Bhargava associates as an intern and is now working as a senior consultant partner for matters relating to taxation and tax audits. His vast experience of over 22 years in statutory audits and taxation with the firm includes a variety of industries including textiles, infrastructure among others. He is one of the key members of the management/internal audit teams that work with listed clients. His core competencies include internal control drafting and compliances thereon.

Prashant Gupta, PARTNER
(FCA (ICAI), B.Com.)

Experience of over 10 years in statutory audits and Taxation. Mr. Gupta has been associated with the firm since his internship and later on after qualification he took the responsibilities of assignments in the field of audit and other consulting engagements. His core competencies include statutory audit and legal compliance. He is also a key contributor to the trainings and developments at the firm. His technical expertise guides the team at SBA in the field of audit and business finance among other consulting areas.

V.K. Singhvi, PARTNER
(FCA (ICAI), B.Com.)

Over 30 years’ experience as Chief Internal Auditor in Cement industry. His vast knowledge of the business processes and the business finances lends depth in consultancy assignments and internal audits. His association with the firm brings the experience of corporate and an in-depth understanding of the mechanism of the corporate.

Ashish Pundhir, PARTNER
(FCA (ICAI), PHD, LLB, M.Com.)

Mr. Ashish Pundhir is a Chartered Accountant with more than 10 yrs of experience in a variety of roles across various industries - Financial Services, Education, Consulting, Media & Entertainment and Telecom. His expertise includes Risk Management, Processes & Systems, Corporate Governance, Credit Monitoring & Analysis, Due Diligence, Corporate Finance & Loan Syndication, Banking Operations, Treasury Management, Business Strategy etc.

Sachin Pansari, PARTNER
(ACA (ICAI), B.Com.)

Sachin with his extensive knowledge in the field of company law and secretarial practice is leading the legal and compliance related engagements of the firm. He is intensely involved in keeping the firm’s methodology up to date with the latest developments in accounting and legal regimes.
He is managing the engagements in statutory audits and taxation and also has exposure in Bank Statutory Audits, Concurrent Audits & Stock Audits.

Pankaj Vijay, PARTNER
(ACA (ICAI), B.Com.)

Mr. Pankaj Vijay is a chartered accountant and a financial risk expert. He worked as a transaction advisory specialist for matters relating to merger and acquisition. He has vast experience in various industries in area of internal audit services, audit and assurance services and merger and acquisitions.