Anti Dumping Duties

These duties are levied on the commodities by domestic governments/authorities to ensure that imports are not made at prices which are lesser than profitable domestic prices in significant quantity. Based on the laws of the countries of origin these duties my prove to be a hurdle to new markets if levied at high rates.

How SBA can help?

  • Drawing up a complete framework in the matter of initiation of proceedings, or
  • Drawing up a complete framework in the defense of a case initiated
  • Strategic planning and market research for domestic and international markets
  • Substantive injury to the industry
  • Analysis of various indices affecting the industry
  • Negotiations for price undertakings, cost records and financial implications etc.
  • Preparing questionnaires replies for new shipper review
  • Drawing up a complete framework in the matter of sunset reviews and expiry reviews

On participating in the proceedings we are focused at providing a wholesome action plan minimizing the tax liabilities, both prior to and after the initiation of the formal proceedings.